Fanatical Access: publication art direction and design

For two seasons, I was the creative director and designer for Fanatical Access, the official fanzine of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fanatical Access is published by The Tampa Tribune. I personally designed the original prototype and followed through as the magazine went into production. I art directed most of the photo shoots (mainly with local photographer Jeff Fay on the first season), worked with writer Chris Kuhn, designed all pages, and handled the print production. Prior to the second season of publishing, Publix signed on as the major sponsor and distribution was increased from 20,000 the first season to 100,000 per issue for the second season.

Fanatical Access: Jeff Garcia cover Fanatical Access: Joey Galloway cover Fanatical Access: Cadillac Williams cover
Fanatical Access: Alex Smith spread Fanatical Access: Jermaine Phillips spread Fanatical Access:  Jermaine Phillips spread Fanatical Access:  Chris Hovan spread Fanatical Access:  cheerleader article Fanatical Access:  cheerleader article

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